Committed to the development of the Metalworking Industry

Committed to the development of the Metalworking Industry
We offer comprehensive solutions in Design, Construction, Manufacturing, Precision Machining (CNC Milling and CNC Turning) in various sectors including medical, sports, mining, commerce, aerospace technology, naval, robotics, infrastructure, automotive and automation, among others.

Project Development

Our focus is always on you as a customer, that is why we offer innovative processes and tools from the beginning of the project, to obtain better results.
Foto von der Entwicklung neuer Technologien

CNC Milling

We offer precision and quality, we have several 5-axis CNC machines that are faster, this technology allows us to manufacture complex parts.
CNC Fräsen von einem Stahlbauteil

Design and Construction

We design your components and assemblies in 3D, so that they can be used effectively in production, needless to mention our automated equipment work 24 hours.
Konstruktion von Bauteilen und Baugruppen


We mount your assemblies into ready-to-install components. In addition to pure assembly, we also offer welding and electro-welding

CNC Turning

We can turn your components from any material, we have several lathes that can create a piece in a single clamping, offering high precision..
CNC Drehen von hoch präzisen Bauteilen


No component leaves our company without a final quality inspection. We are TÜV certified according to ISO9001:2015.
Qualitätssicherung von CNC Frästeilen und Drehteilen

In addition, we can have your components and assemblies finished and/or surface or structural treated in cooperation with our partners.

The Company

Known in Metalworking world as Albrecht Feinwerkmechanik GmbH & Co KG, we are an experienced family business with over 35 years in the sector, our founder Dieter Albrecht founded it in 1986, we now have renewed our name and we are now Fabricon Metal, in essence we remain the same with the highest quality assurance and adhering to the delivery times of your Design projects, Construction and Precision Machining (CNC milling and CNC turning) of equipment and industrial parts.

Currently, the company is developing the latest technologies and innovation in our processes, ensuring quality in the manufacture of products of our customers and partners.


We are at the forefront of processes and machinery to guarantee the best results with excellent quality
at competitive prices. 

At Fabricon Metal trabajamos we work with customers from the most demanding industrial sectors in several countries, providing them with comprehensive solutions in Precision Mechanics with the latest in numerical control machinery and high performance tools, we have no competition in the CNC Parts Machining sector.


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We distinguish ourselves by offering high quality products and services at competitive prices.

We are happy to support you with our experience and are your strategic partner for the success of your projects.

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