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Fabricon Metal is a company that is responsible for the environment, which is why we have the necessary measures and protocols in place to minimize our environmental impact as much as possible, i.e., our footprint as a company on the planet. We work in the precision machining sector and take sustainability into account in everything we do, from energy saving, automation of machine usage time, precision in product manufacture to not generate extra metal waste, we recycle machine oil and all the waste generated in our production activity, always trying not only to be efficient with our work but also to be eco-efficient and help our planet.
Recycling is a key element for any company, to safeguard the environment and in turn, extend the life of the raw materials we use, as many of them can be reused. With proper recycling, waste can be converted back into resources and this is very interesting in terms of sustainability and the economy.
At Fabricon Metal we know that proper recycling also contributes to better use of materials and lower costs and energy, which is why we are committed to a more conscious and sustainable economic system, based on circular economy.


Metal Recycling
Metal is one of the most important materials that can be recycled, because it contributes significantly to not aggravating our current ecosystem. Obtaining recycled aluminum reduces air pollution by almost 95%, saves 90% of energy when processed and uses less electrical energy.

Recycling metal significantly reduces the environmental impact of raw material extraction. For example, a recycled aluminum can can save energy to keep a TV on for hours, as reported by environmental agencies.
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