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Your needs, visions and ideas are our motivation to work every day. We are your to go company in the Metalworking sector with highly qualified personnel, automated machinery working 24/7, ensuring the established delivery times, and strict quality controls.

We work with any material: steel, aluminum, titanium, plastic, stainless steel and many others.
We offer you the following services:

1. Design and construction of parts and components
2. CNC Milling or Conventional Milling
3. CNC or Conventional Turning
4. Assembling and Mounting
5. Quality assurance
6. Ultrasonic cleaning
7. Finishes and treatments of surfaces and structures

... everything your mechanical parts need and much more in a single location.

1. Component Design and Construction

We are your experienced partner for the design and/or construction of a wide variety of parts, components, prototypes and series production in aluminium, steel, stainless steel and plastics of any kind, among other materials. We also process special materials such as Inconel or aircraft steel. We offer you a continuous service and a quick response to unforeseen events. Along with the CNC machines, we also integrate the CAD-CAM software to program the processes and guarantee the production of the parts from the simplest to the most complex ones based on the customer´s plan. (read more...)

2. CNC Milling and Conventional Milling

Our CNC milling workshop optimizes the program for your projects with the help of our CAD / CAM "Siemens NX" program, which allows us to guarantee optimal operating times. This enables us to offer your high-precision CNC milling work at a reasonable price and meet fast delivery times.

Conventional milling is particularly suitable for milling simple parts in small quantities. Our conventional milling workshop carries out your milled parts conscientiously and with the highest quality... (Read more)

3. CNC Turning and Conventional Turning

We offer you CNC lathes, its motorized tools can finish a part in a single clamping, offering high precision. We have trained people in order to provide you with the best solution to your turned parts projects, and taking care of your highly complex parts.
Our modern machinery allows us to offer you optimum quality at a good price/performance ratio.

4. Mounting and Assembly

In addition to individual parts and series, we also produce complete assemblies, which we would be happy to assemble for you before delivery. During production, we ensure that all parts of the assembly are perfectly coordinated with each other and adapt them to each other if needed, by soft soldering, brazing or electro-welding.

5. Quality Assurance

Our company has been successfully working on our customers' projects for over 35 years in designing, milling and turning components for the automotive industry, medical technology, mechanical engineering, aerospace technology, among others. We are TÜV certified according to ISO 9001 which is renewed through regular audits, which means that our quality assurance is always up to date.

6. Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is cheaper than buying a new component, especially with carburetors, and is much more environmentally friendly because production is no longer needed. Try our service and you will be surprised at what you can achieve with ultrasonic cleaning.

7. Finishes and treatments of surfaces and structures.

After the part machining process, and to simplify the management of our customers, we have our own and external means with our strategic partners specialized in surface and structural treatments. We have been cooperating with these reliable and high quality partners for years. Get to know them... (Read more)

We are your trusted machining workshop, see for yourself.

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We distinguish ourselves by offering high quality products and services at competitive prices.

We are happy to support you with our experience and are your strategic partner for the success of your projects.

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