At Fabricon Metal, we also offer you the possibility of delivering assembled sets. We collect and assemble all the necessary components to complete your project.
Our technical staff is highly prepared to guarantee the proper functioning of these assemblies, checking every adjustment and movement. We have 35 years of experience that makes our customers trust us by entrusting us with this task, with the peace of mind of receiving their products in perfect working order and within the adhering to the established deadline.

We deliver assembled parts or sub-assemblies of machines and mechanically complete machines.

Brazing and Soldering

We are your specialist in soft soldering and brazing joining processes. We have placed countless contract orders. Regardless of whether it is non-ferrous metal or steel, we guarantee maximum fit and the best quality of the welded seams.

Through our connected production of turned and milled parts, we can manufacture the necessary components or devices for soft soldering or brazing. This also allows us to weld assemblies where concentricity is important.

TIG or Electro Welding

It is a thermoelectric process in which heat is generated, by passing an electric current through the parts, in the joint area of joined parts for a precisely controlled time and under controlled pressure.
The advantages of TIG welding (electro-welding)
- Virtually no weld spatter
- Any material suitable for fusion welding can be joined
- Welding distortion is less than with other welding methods
- High welding quality
- We work with the device: Lorch AC / DC 210 A

Brazing and soldering

On-site installation

If you would like us to install your produced parts, our competent specialists will be happy to do so quickly and reliably.

We weld and/or electroweld your assemblies as desired. Whether it's a single assembly or serial welding. Our young and committed team conscientiously carries out this order.

We are happy to take over the production of the components requiring welding. 

For more information contact us, we will be happy to make you a free estimate or offer you advice.

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We distinguish ourselves by offering high quality products and services at competitive prices.

We are happy to support you with our experience and are your strategic partner for the success of your projects.

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