CNC Milling

At Fabricon Metal in terms of CNC milling, we offer precision and high quality at competitive prices, that is why we have an experienced staff and appropriate technology specialized and automated that make 24-hour shifts, we have a significant number of 5-axis CNC centers that eliminate the second and third phases, thus providing greater agility in terms of time, to avoid inter-phase downtime, as well as 3-axis CNC centers.
On the other hand, this technology makes it possible to tackle parts of greater complexity and level of requirements with a greater guarantee of success. We use CNC machining for manufacturing custom parts, machinery and prototypes for the industry in general, we have already worked with different industrial sectors such as aerospace, automotive, medical among others.

Machining of all materials

CNC milling of stainless steel components

CNC Milled Aluminium Components

Processing of non-ferrous metals such as brass, copper or bronze.

Machining of all types of plastic

In the CNC milling sector, we produce from small series, as well as from prototyping, we also take orders for large scale projects. Our CNC milling workshop optimizes the program for your projects with the help of our CAD / CAM "Siemens NX" program, which allows us to guarantee optimal operating times. This enables us to offer your high-precision CNC milling work at a reasonable price and meet fast delivery times. These can also perform three-dimensional contours and have a very high repeatability, we can easily implement even the most demanding contours.

Conventional milling is particularly suitable for milling simple parts in small quantities. Our conventional milling workshop makes your milled parts conscientiously and with the highest quality.

Our customers particularly see us as a reliable partner who works constructively to implement new products. Therefore, we often support companies from the design stage to the milling of a prototype and the subsequent production of CNC series.

Ask us about CNC Machining by means of CNC milling or conventional milling.

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