CNC TURNING - Machining of parts on CNC lathes

At Fabricon Metal we have personnel and appropriate specialized and automated technology with 24-hour shifts to carry out the machining of serial parts in CNC Lathes and CNC Machining Centers to satisfy all our customers, providing high quality products at competitive prices. We use CNC machining for manufacturing custom parts, machinery and prototypes for the industry in general, we have already worked with different industrial sectors such as aerospace, automotive, medical among others.

Mecanizado de todos los materiales / Torneado CNC

CNC turning of Aceero Inox components.

Aluminum Components CNC Machining

We machine non-ferrous metals, such as brass, copper and bronze.

Machining (CNC turning) of all types of plastics

At Fabricon Metal, you have what your project needs in terms of machining parts on CNC lathes, we have a wide variety of lathes including vertical, copying, automatic, parallel, revolver, and more. We can carry out even the most complex projects, either from a plan or from a sample. Our machinery allows us to manufacture pieces in a variety of materials and dimensions, which, without a doubt, cover all the needs of our clients, complying with the high standards of quality and meeting the agreed delivery date.

We are always at the forefront so we try to make our staff aware of the latest technology and advances in the field of machine tools, and as far as possible, to adapt and renew our machinery. As per the dimensional control of parts, we have a great variety of precise measuring equipment, as well as a wide collection of thread, shaft and hole gauges.

We work with all types of materials, whether aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, Teflon, plastic materials, etc.

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At Fabricon Metal we offer the best machining of parts on CNC lathes

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