Design and/or Construction

We have highly automated machinery that can create any industrial part through original material and specialized processes such as precision machining, mold and light metals with 24-hour shifts, we offer a continuous service and rapid response to unforeseen events. Together with the CNC machines, we also integrate CAD-CAM software to program the processes and guarantee the production of the parts from the simplest to the most complex ones from the plan delivered by our customers.

We have already been able to implement numerous prototypes and together with our customers, bring new products to series maturity.
Our experienced team is always happy with new challenges. That is why no prototype is too difficult or complex for us, if we find problems or errors in the design during the manufacture or assembly of your prototype, we will seek solutions together with you. Together we are strong and create new innovations.
Our machines allow us to make three-dimensional contours and to manufacture parts, components, prototypes and series production with precision. In addition to machining, we also offer joining processes such as welding and electro-welding. Your complete project can be manufactured in our house without having to involve third parties.
Design of your components
From CAD to CAM

We look forward to manufacturing your parts, components, prototypes and series production. Contact us today and take advantage of our expertise.

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We distinguish ourselves by offering high quality products and services at competitive prices.

We are happy to support you with our experience and are your strategic partner for the success of your projects.

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