Finishing and Treatments

After the part machining process, and to simplify the managing our customers, we have our own and external means with our strategic partners specialized in surface and structural treatments. We have been cooperating with these reliable and high quality partners for years.

Surface treatments are always intended to meet special requirements and can fulfil the following functions:

- Mechanical protection functions (e.g. against wear and tear, friction)
- Barrier functions (corrosion protection, permeation, diffusion, thermal insulation)
- Various interactions (biocompatibility, wettability, paintability)
- Electrical functions (conductivity, electrical insulation)
- Optical functions (reflection, absorption, decoration)

Through our large network of partner companies we can have all common surface treatments carried out quickly. Other surface treatments are also possible upon request.

At Fabricon Metal we deliver CNC parts with almost all surface treatments in a short time from a single source.

In our extensive network, we have a large number of manufacturing companies that can carry out all common surface treatments directly after the CNC process on site. We will continue t be your sole contractual partner throughout the entire manufacturing process and assume responsibility for the perfect quality of the surface treatments.

Your orders are in professional hands, in one place!

Surface Treatments

If your components need surface treatment, among other things, paint and anodize your workpieces. Surface treatments such as electroplating and erosion, among others, are also possible:

• Polishing
• Glass or corundum microsphere
• Electropolished
• Chroming
• Beams
• Trowalisieren
• Paint Stripping
• Hardening
• Salt Bath
• Ab 1 Abteroxidation
• Vacuum hardening
• Annealed
• Smoothing
• Freezing
• Different Anodized Colors
• Allodine According to Mil
• Chroming
• Nickel Copper, Silver, Gold, Chemicals Nickel, Tin
• Honing
• Passivation of passivation layer / Sealing
• Sandblasting, Turning, Ball Polishing
• Pickling (Also V2a Materials)
• Ceramic Tiles
• Spray Cooking
• Flame Spraying
• Plasma Spraying
•Surface Hardening with Hardening Steps
•Surface Hardening Without Hardening Steps
• Hardening & Tempering
• Solución De Temple Recompensa
• Special Process for Stainless Steel
• Annealing / Standardization

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