Ultrasonic cleaning for your components

Often, used parts can also be reused if they are professionally cleaned. That's why we offer in-house Ultrasonic Cleaning. This process also makes it possible to completely remove stubborn dirt, such as calcifications on water connections or oil/combustion deposits on carburetors.

Ultrasonic cleaning is cheaper than buying a new component, especially with carburetors, and is much more environmentally friendly because production is no longer needed. Try our service and you will be surprised at what is possible with ultrasonic cleaning.

Utrosonic Cleaning for your Calcified Components

Calcified components, such as water connections or similar, can ideally be cleaned at low cost, which means that they can be reused without any problems. Cleaning usually only costs 1/10 of the new purchase price.

Ultrasonic Cleaning for Carburetors

Ultrasonic cleaning has also become very popular in carburetor cleaning. You don't believe what's possible with cleaning with our ultrasound equipment. Vehicle failures often come from a stuck carburetor. These oil deposits inside the carburetor can be easily removed.

Components containing particularly small corners or slots that are difficult or impossible to reach with conventional methods, ultrasonic cleaning is recommended because it is ideal. The liquid penetrates even the smallest spaces providing us a perfect result.

¿Would you also like to use the cleaning power of our ultrasound system?

Just come and see us.
We clean any component up to 30 cm. We offer an immediate service.

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